About the Film

About This Is Us: The Feature Film


When Coumba’s parents suddenly decide to sell her 11-year-old sister into marriage with an older man, Coumba secretly travels from her remote village hometown to the nearby city of Mbour in a desperate attempt to earn enough money to pay off her father and save her younger sister’s future.


Following the success of This Is Us: Video Stories from Senegalese Youth, a short documentary on education and women’s rights in rural Senegal, director Jeremy Teicher will be shooting a full-length narrative film based on the powerful stories unveiled in his previous work. Aside from telling a compelling story, this will be a film for social change -- giving voice to the countless village girls who are being denied an education. Building on the director’s real experiences making films in Senegal—and close personal relationships with a remote village community— this film is sure to tell an unforgettable emotional story that changes the way people think about the issue of early marriage, human rights, and, ultimately, family.


The film will be shot locally in the Sinthiou Mbadane village and nearby town of Mbour. Principle photography will take place during the months of July and August 2011.