Digital Storytelling:

A stepping stone towards the future.

Students with camera

Introducing digital learning to young students is a powerful way to prepare them for the future. Through digital storytelling, students can establish meaningful connections with the rest of the world in ways never before possible. For the first time, this school can establish its place in a global community of learners, and the students can begin to make their voices heard. Most importantly, digital storytelling gives these students pride that their lives and thoughts can touch others and have meaning beyond their wildest dreams. And this pride impacts the entire community, paving the way for a brighter future in our information-based world.

Digital storytelling is a term used to describe how ordinary people can use digital media to tell authentic, real-life stories. It's a grassroots movement that has been adapted by educators, the media, and social activists who see value in applying today's digital tools to the age-old storytelling process.

In addition to its benefits as a powerful and sustainable 21st century learning tool, digital storytelling can also be effectively used to promote cross-cultural understanding around the globe.

The history of digital storytelling dates back to an early 1990s workshop at the American Film Institute that was further refined into a method of training by the Center for Digital Storytelling. Students are taught to create narratives and collect images (photos, videos, music, drawings, and so on) to accompany their words. They are then guided through tutorials that teach them how to edit their stories.

From a 21st century education perspective, the process of digital storytelling requires creative thinking and collaboration, where students often work in teams. Problem solving, interpersonal skills, and self-direction are also key components to success. In addition to its benefits as a powerful learning tool, digital storytelling can also be effectively used to benefit entire communities, bringing people together through an open dialogue of ideas and feelings.